Saturday 14 Dec 2019
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5th - Quantum Information: a Glimpse at the Strange and Intriguing Future of Information: Dan C. Marinescu, U.C.F.

The 5th Annual Boole Lecture in Informatics was given by Prof. Dan C. Marinescu , School of Computer Science, University of Central Florida, Orlando on Thursday 15th February 2007 @ 8pm in Boole 3, UCC

Title: "Quantum Information: a Glimpse at the Strange and Intriguing Future of Information"

Abstract: During the last few decades of the twentieth century the world has witnessed the development of the microprocessor, high-speed optical communications, high density storage technologies and the widespread use of sensors. Today, we are able to collect enormous volumes of information, process and transmit it at high speed, store it on digital media and share it using the World Wide Web. This information revolution profoundly affects our daily life. Surely George Boole would be very surprised to see how the seeds he planted in his 1847 pamphlet "Mathematical Analysis of Logic" have flourished.

Today, we are approaching the limits of our current technology and information processing is facing new challenges that limit our ability to build faster and smaller computing machines; we have a hard time ensuring security of communications; we are overwhelmed by the volume of information flowing to our desktop, and it is increasingly difficult to tell the important information from the irrelevant.

One promising way of tacking these problems is Quantum Computing.

Quantum information has special and wondrous properties and the payoff of mastering quantum information could be equally astounding since, in principle, quantum computers will be able to solve problems that cannot be solved with today's computers.

In this talk Prof Marinescu will be exploring the strange world of Quantum Computing and will be asking if Quantum Computing will be the way forward in the 21st Century.