Monday 27 Jan 2020
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In Journals

  • J. P. Gleeson, J. West et al. Structuring laminar flows using magnetohydrodynamic actuation, Sensors and Actuators B, to appear.
  • A.M. Krasnosel'skii, A.V. Pokrovskii, On large-amplitude subharmonics in semilinear Duffing oscillator. Doklady Mathematics, to appear.
  • S. D. Prestwich. Negative effects of modeling techniques on search performance. Annals of Operations Research 18, 2003, 137-150.
  • S. O‚ÄôRourke, A. Martino. Some free actions on non-archimedean trees, Journal of Group Theory, to appear.
  • K. Roy Choudhury, J. Huang. Variable selection in random calibration of near-infrared instruments: ridge regression and partial least squares regression settings. Journal of Chemometrics 17 (3), 2003, 174-185.
  • K. Roy Choudhury, J. Huang. Constrained clustering of irregularly sampled spatial data. J. Statistical Computation and Simulation, to appear.
  • M. Schellekens, M. O'Keeffe and S. Romaguera. Norm-weightable Riesz spaces and the dual complexity space. Elect. Notes. In Theor. Comp. Sc., to appear.
  • M. Schellekens, M. O'Keeffe. The average merge time: an intuitive interpretation. Elect. Notes. In Theor. Comp. Sc., to appear.
  • Pawel Waszkiewicz. How do domains model topologies? Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 83 (2003), Elsevier, to appear
  • Programs and Connectionist Networks. Journal of Applied Logic, Special Volume on Neural-Symbolic Systems, 2003, 1-33, to appear (P. Hitzler, S. Holldobler and A.K. Seda)