Monday 27 Jan 2020
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Non-Peer Reviewed Published works

Paper Submitted and BCRI preprints

  1. Covering radius construction codes with minimum distance at most 8 are normal (Kate O'Brien & Patrick Fitzpatrick)
  2. Enumeration of inequivalent irreducible Goppa codes (John A. Ryan & Patrick Fitzpatrick)
  3. On continuous branches of cycles for equations of higher order (Krasnosel’skii A.M. & Rachinskii D.I.)
  4. On continuous branches of twice periodic solutions of some PDE(Krasnosel’skii A.M. & Rachinskii D.I.)
  5. Remark on Hopf Bifurcation Theorem (Krasnosel’skii A.M. & Rachinskii D.I.)
  6. Remark on Rotation of Bilinear Vector Fields (Krasnosel’skii A.M.)
  7. A Lower Bound on the Distance of Cyclic Codes (Federico Ponchio & Massimiliano Sala)
  8. Mathematical modeling of critical conditions in the thermal explosion problem (G. N. Gorelov and V. A. Sobolev)
  9. Loss of stability scenario in the Ziegler system (E.A. Shchepakina)
  10. A Groebner bases technique to compute distance and weight distribution of cyclic codes and their shortened codes (Massimiliano Sala)
  11. Critical Phenomena in Multi-scale Models (E.A. Shchepakina)
  12. Geometrical Decomposition of Multi-scale Systems (V. A. Sobolev)
  13. Sturmian Sequences Generated by Order Preserving Circle Maps (V. S. Kozyakin)
  14. Discontinuous order preserving circle maps versus circle homeomorphisms (V. S. Kozyakin)
  15. Application of the Preisach model in soil-moisture hysteresis (Philip O’Kane, Hugh McNamara, Denis Flynn, Alexei Pokrovskii)
  16. Asynchronous Systems: a short survey and problems (V. S. Kozyakin)
  17. Delocalised solitons in stratified shear flows (V. Voronovich, I. Sazonov and V. Shrira)
  18. Numerical analysis of a singularly perturbed nonlinear reaction-diffusion problem with multiple solutions (Natalia Kopteva and Martin Stynes)
  19. Correcting Errors and Erasures Via the Syndrome Variety (Massimiliano Sala and Emmanuela Orsini)
  20. Flatness of tracer clouds (J. P. Gleeson, D. I. Pullin)
  21. Modelling annular micromixers (J.P. Gleeson, O. Roche et al)
  22. Fast automatic synthesis of security protocols using backward search. (H. Zhou, S.N. Foley.)
  23. Towards a systematic account of different logic programming semantics. (P. Hitzler)
  24. Configuration Management for Networked Reconfigurable Embedded Devices (Timiothy O'Sullivan & Richard Studdert)
  25. A statistical analysis of global inter-annual climate anomalies in month sea surface temperature records. (K. Roy-Chaudhury, J. Huang)
  26. The spectral density estimation of stationary time series.(K. Roy-Chaudhury, J. Huang)
  27. Partial metric monoids and semivaluation spaces. (M. Schellekens, S. Romaguera)
  28. Towards continuous models of computation. (A.K. Seda)
  29. Bounded complete models of topological spaces, submitted to Topology and Its Applications.(Pawel Waszkiewicz & R. Kopperman & H.-P. Kunzi)
  30. Unique solvability of fluid models of queueing network (I. Nedaiborshch, K. Nikolaev & A. Vladimirov)
  31. Mathematical modeling of critical conditions in the thermal explosion problem (G. N. Gorelov & V. A. Sobolev)
  32. Numerical experiments with an ODE with Preisach nonlinearity (A. Pokrovskii & O. Rasskazov )
  33. Numerical integration of ODEs with Preisach nonlinearity (A. Pokrovskii & O. Rasskazov)
  34. Localisation of the periodic orbits in a simple ODE with Preisach nonlinearity (A. Pokrovskii & O. Rasskazov)
  35. Periodic orbits in the ODEs with hysteresis perturbations (A. Pokrovskii & O. Rasskazov)
  36. Averaging principle for differential equations with hysteresis (A. Pokrovskii & O. Rasskazov & A. Vladimirov)
  37. Bounds on codes derived by counting components in Varshamov graphs (Katie O’Brien and Patrick Fitzpatrick)
  38. Numerical analysis of singularly perturbed nonlinear reaction-diffusion problems with multiple solutions (M.Stynes and N.Kopteva)
  39. Grid equidistribution for reaction-diffusion problems in one dimension (N.Kopteva, N.Madden and M.Stynes)
  40. Modelling the Feigenbaum Diagram by the Trajectory of the Point ½ (Patrick Hurley & Richard O’ Riordan)
  41. A bound for the distance of cyclic codes which is sometimes stronger than the Roos bound (Emanuele Betti & Massimiliano Sala)
  42. Subharmonic bifurcation from infinity (A.M. Krasnosel'skii and D.I. Rachinskii)
  43. General error locator polynomials for binary cyclic codes with t <= 2 and n < 63 (T. Mora, E. Orsini, M. Sala)
  44. On A class of quasi-cyclic LDPC codes (Marta Rossi & Massimiliano Sala)
  45. On the Grobner basis of a family of quasi-cyclic LDPC codes (Marta Giorgetti, Marta Rossi & Massimiliano Sala)
  46. Abelian regular subgroups of the affine group and radical rings (A. Caranti, Francesca Dalla Volta, Massimiliano Sala)
  47. A proof of chaos in the hysteretic Kaldor model (H.A. Mc Namara)
  48. An approach to create coprime polynomial pairs (Pasqualina Fragneto, Anna Rimoldi, Massimiliano Sala)
  49. Homoclinic trajectories and chaotic behaviour in a piecewise linear oscillator (A. Pokrovskii, O. Rasskazov, and D. Visetti)
  50. Computing the distance distribution of systematic non-linear codes (Eleonora Guerrini, Emmanuela Orsini, Massimiliano Sala)
  51. P-completeness of cellular automaton Rule 110 (T. Neary and D. Woods)
  52. Stable Sorting Using Special-Purpose Physical Devices (Niall Murphy, Damien Woods, Thomas J. Naughton)
  53. On uniform proof-theoretical operational semantics for logic programming (Ekaterina Komendantskaya & Vladimir Komendantsky )
  54. Imprimitive Permutations Groups Generated by the Round Functions of Key-Alternating Block Ciphers and Truncated Differential Cryptanalsys (A. Caranti, F. Dalla Volta, M. Sala & Francesca Villani)
  55. Computation of Normal Logic Programs by Fibring Neural Networks (Vladimir Komendantsky & Anthony Seda)
  56. A Classification of MDS Binary Systematic Codes (Eleonora Guerrini, Massimiliano Sala)
  57. Mathematical Models of Hydrological Systems with Preisach Hysteresis (P. Krejci, P. O'Kane, A. Pokrovskii, D. Rachinskii)
  58. A commutative algebra approach to linear codes (Marta Giorgetti & Massimiliano Sala)
  59. M-Channel Paraunitary Multirate Filter Bank Factorisation over Fields of Characteristic Two (Catriona M. Lucey , Massimiliano Sala & Colin C. Murphy)
  60. An algebraic description of Boolean functions (Ilaria Simonetti & Massimiliano Sala)
  61. Learning and deduction in neural networks and logic (Ekaterina Komendantskaya)
  62. A Theory for Distance Bounding Cyclic Codes (Emanuele Betti & Massimiliano Sala)
  63. ODEs involving the derivative of a Preisach operator with a degenerated density (B. Appelbe & A. Pokrovskii)
  64. Modelling macroeconomic flows related to large ensembles of elementary exchange operations (A. Pokrovskii, R. Cross, H. McNamara)
  65. Non-local branches of cycles, bi-stability, and topologically persistent mixed mode oscillations (E. Bouse, A. Krasnosel’skii, A. Pokrovskii, D. Rachinskii)
  66. Canards and the effects of apparent disappearance (A. Pokrovskii, E. Shchepakina, V. Sobolev)
  67. Improved decoding of affine­variety codes (Emmanuela Orsini, Massimiliano Sala)
  68. An Analysis of the Variation in the RED Algorithm (Andrew Haugh)